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Kittens Hooked Rug

Very folky hooked rug with two kittens in the middle of a variegated and chain background, surrounded by a black border. Wool and cotton on burlap dating to the early twentieth century, Good crisp colors. Professionally cleaned and mounted for display. Dimensions 42" x 29".


Hooked Rug

This vibrant hooked rug with two prancing deer was found in New England and dates to the 1930's. Wool on burlap and in excellent condition with good crisp colors. Professionally mounted. Dimensions - 39" x 21".


PA Hooked Rug

This wool on burlap hooked rug is from the early 20th century and is professionally mounted for display. A very folky and colorful presentation with a house, trees and clouds. Dimensions 35" x 17".


Hooked Rug

Wonderful wool hooked rug of two kittens with red bowties playing with a ball. The colors of navy blue, light blue, gray, red and white are very crisp. Circa 1920. Professionally stretched and mounted.
Width - 33 1/2", Height - 24".


Hooked Rug

Late nineteenth century wool on burlap hooked rug with a punchy floral presentation and good crisp colors. Professionally cleaned and mounted. 40" x 26".


Village Scene Hooked Rug

Punchy village scene hooked rug with buildings, trees, birds and folky animals. Circa 1920. Professionally mounted. Size - 56" x 31".


Cat Hooked Rug

Super folky hooked rug with a black and white cat on a red ground with flowers, a bumblebee and small kitty foot prints around the perimeter. The expression on the cat’s face is off the charts cool. Wool on burlap. Signed P D and dated 1972. Excellent original condition with no defects. 36” x 25”.



Shirred Wool Rug

19th century shirred wool rug on burlap backing. Crisp red flowers and green leafs surrounded by blue border on a variegated ground. Professionally mounted to hang vertically or horizontally. 71" X 39".


Mid 20th Century Hooked Rug

Colorful wool hooked rug of two delightful puppies in a basket with vibrant red flowers on a gray background. Circa 1940. Professionally stretched and mounted.
Width - 36", Height - 23 1/2".